Admiral Baysuites - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 :
95% Spot DP / 5% Balance upon Receipt of Statement of Accounts
5% Discount on Net List Price
8% Discount on Down Payment
Option 2 :
30% Spot; 70% Balance over 60 months at 0% Interest
5% Discount on Net List Price
5% Discount on Down Payment
Option 3 :
15% Spot; Balance over 60months at 0% interest
5% Discount on Net List Price
0% Discount on Down Payment
1. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
2. BF interest rate varies depending on the choice of bank.
3. Other charges are not yet included.
Sample Computation
Unit: 2 Bedroom - PHP 13,931,283
Sample Computation 1 : Based on Option 1
95% Spot down payment / 5% balance upon receipt of statement of accounts
List Price: PHP 13,931,283
Less: Reservation Fee: PHP 100,000
Net List Price: PHP 13,831,283
Less 5% discount: PHP 691,564
Total Contract Price: PHP 13,139,719
95% Down Payment: PHP 12,482,733
Less 8% on Down Payment: PHP 998,619
Net Down Payment: PHP 11,484,114
5% Remaining Balance: PHP 656,986
Sample Computation 2 : Based on Option 2
5% Discount on Net List Price
5% Discount on Down Payment
List Price:PHP 13,931,283
Less: Reservation Fee:PHP 100,000
Net List Price:PHP 13,831,283
Discount on unit:PHP 5%
Amount of discount:PHP 691,564.15
Total Contract Price:PHP 13,139,718.85
Down Payment:PHP 30%
Amount of Down Payment:PHP 3,941,915.66
Premium Discount:PHP 5%
Amount of discount: PHP 197,095.78
Net Down Payment:PHP 3,744,819.87
Balance %:70%
Amount of balance: PHP 9,681,898.10
Terms:60 months
Monthly Payment:PHP 161,364.97

Admiral Baysuites is just 7km from the Manila International Airport. By being at the Admiral Baysuites, you will have a chance of enjoying the rich history and heritage of the striking Manila Bay as well as the rare white glove service, luxury, and unique atmosphere. Admiral Baysuites is no doubt the grandest and most luxurious place to stay while you visit Manila, Philippines. At the condominium, you are guaranteed of enjoying lovely cottages, welcoming staff and a great level of cleanliness.

The residential rooms were wonderfully quiet isolating you from the noise of the surrounding city activities. They are also incredibly romantic with beautiful scenery. Talk of room service! It is a pace setter in that. The room service providers kind of have a clue of everything that you require all the time. They are there whenever you require them. If you want to have a taste of the great Philippines’ foods, then the Admiral Baysuites is the place to be. They have quite a variety of foods in their menu which you will definitely enjoy. Admiral Baysuites makes Manila the greatest choice for travellers who are fascinated in nightlife, relaxation as well as great entertainment. With everything said, this is the place to live your high-end life in great condo amenities while looking to retire to an amazing hotel class residence with great room service. 

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